He was born in Patras, Greece, in 1981. He studied illustration and animation at the Westminster University in Harrow, UK. After living an adventurous life (lots of junk food and beer) he had his postgraduate diploma in multimedia at A.K.T.O. (associated with Middlesex University) in Athens. From then he has collaborated with big Publishers in Greece and UK and he still stays positive.


He is known to the Greek comics fans from his comics series “TEZA” published by Jemma Press, and also from the weekly webcomics “Xartinos Kosmos” which he self-published recently. He is also working as an animator, and he is known the animated shorts:  “Fousekis animated” and the “Katsarides” (Roaches) animation based on his comics series “TEZA”.


He is the founder/art director of the award winning creative office “Animatic Vision”. He stays a visionary but  keeps an eye out for a straightjacket just in case.


ANIMALIES (AGRIADES): A Slapstick comics, published by Enati Diastasi (2017)


GODS IN CRISIS: A humorous graphic novel with a political twist, about the greek economic crisis, from the point of the gods of Olympus. Currently published in greek, english and french language.(2015)

From the french publisher: M’edite

English version at Amazon

From the greek publisher: Webcomics


Greek version at Amazon


TEZA SERIES: A funny comics series that takes us through the life of a bunch of roaches who try to survive from the human that stays in the house.

  • Comic strips album “TEZA Exit’“ - Jemma Press [2013]
  • Comic strips album “TEZA love’“ - Jemma Press [2010]
  • Comic strips album “TEZA CRISIS”(comicdom con special 2010) - Jemma Press [2010]
  • Comic strips album ”Super Hero TEZA”- Εκδόσεις Jemma Press [2008]
  • Comic strips album  “Samurai TEZA” (comidom con special 2007) -  Jemma Press [2007]
  • Comic strips album “META TO TEZA“ – Jemma Press [2006]
  • Comic strips album “PRIN TO TEZA” – Jemma Press (1st & 2nd Edition) [2003, 2004]



  • Comics album +DVD “F.L.S Collector’s edition” (Collectors edition DVD featuring  the action film “F.L.S” by Thanos Tsavlis)  - Αnimatic Vision comics [2013]
    Official signing at COMICDOM CON 2013 .
  • Comic strips album “XARTINOS KOSMOS: collector’s edition” (A collection of the best comics strips from the webcomics  “XARTINOS KOSMOS ») - Αnimatic Vision comics [2012]
    Official signing at COMICDOM CON 2012.
  • Founder and publisher of the Greek Comics Anthology “Happy Revolver” (#01,02) [2008]
  • Founder and publisher of the freepress “Mosquito” and e-magazine “Mosquitoweb”. [2005 - 2007]
  • Founder and publisher of the first Multimedia arts cd-rom magazine e-sense’ (#1-5) [2004 - 2006]
  • Co-Founder of the first Rom-Zine ‘omikron negative’ (#01,02) [2003]