21 October 2019
Sketch fighter

A new project that I started with my friend Stef, where well known characters from movies, games etc fight to show who is the strongest! You can find it at AthensCon2019 from "Webcomics" editions. More coming soon! 

13 August 2019
My new instagram project: Sunny and shallow

My new instagram project! Stories from the beach! Updates three times per week, and lasts for the whole summer (and a bit more)! Follow www.instagram.com/sunnyandshallow

12 April 2019

I am Happy to announce that I will be taking part once again at the Comicdom Con festival, at the "artists alley", with a brand new comics, "Cold Dish"! Also my movie "Oi Apaleutoi" will be screened for the first time, on Saturday the 20th, at 15:30. So, Come join me at the COMICDOM CON ATHENS 2019, Hellenic American Union, 19-20-21 of April! It will be fun!

more info:

about the Artists alley


About the movie "Oi Apaleutoi"


About the place

location: http://www.comicdom-con.gr/location